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Healthcare Advertising, SEO & Online Marketing Optimization

Healthcare marketing is actually very complex. It is influenced by a changing population, Google and Bing Search Algorithm updates as well as legal and related advances in research and other external factors.

We are the only company with proprietary Referral software and CUSTOM automatic sequences technology to help drastically increase your clientele.

How times have changed – Doctors used to be able to put out an advertisement, or a post card – and people would receive these and visit the office.This is no longer the case, people now research the reviews and ratings of doctors online before they visit them

Healthcare Marketing services remain an essential part in delivery of all medical services. It is through marketing that you increase your clients, and thus increasing your income. Healthcare marketing managers are tasked with building digital marketing strategies with extremely targeted marketing spend, a drastic contrast to most other industries adopting digital media. Healthcare executives are less adept to invest in a medium where regulations have not kept up with the latest digital technologies.  So instead of leading the way, many healthcare organizations are playing it safe and only “testing the waters” in limited ways.

Healthcare marketing on the web is not an easy undertaking, but it can be a very effective strategy if you want to bring in a steady flow of new patients to your practice. Nevertheless, understanding which web-based tactics to employ and which to avoid can be difficult, especially for those that are new to the marketing world. Make sure that you do not make these common mistakes and your medical office will have a much higher rate of success with its online marketing campaigns.

JZ-Art Healthcare Marketing leverages brand building, pharmacy, retail marketing and healthcare insights in marketing campaigns ranging from Google, Bing and Facebook Direct Marketing – to targeted websites – including: home blood pressure monitoring and cholesterol testing to improving patient compliance to prescription medication therapy. JZ-Art engages in a broad range of direct-to-professional healthcare marketing including detailing, continuing medical education, seminars, trade advertising and public relations.

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